Lord I come (Wash my feet)

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Story behind the song

This song came out of one of the early teaching sessions at the 2017 RESOUNDWorship Worship Songwriting Retreat.  Joel Payne was talking about the exchange between Jesus and Peter – and the recognition that we are clean – we don’t need a full wash again and again.

I tend to be a little wordy in my lyrics, trying to pack so much in – so I set myself the task of writing little.  I think a six word chorus delivered on that challenge.

This song tries to capture the intimacy of a relationship with Jesus. Recognising our place before him as people who have been forgiven, and people who he loves to spend time with.  Choosing, in that moment, to allow ourselves to be willing to sit – not rushing away – but enjoying each moment there. Listening to what it is he has to say – and then continuing on with our lives, still covered by his grace.

I performed this at the concert on the Tuesday evening that year – and the harmonies that came out of the group during the chorus were amazing.


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2 thoughts on “Lord I come (Wash my feet)

  • Pam Millspaw

    I am working on a Maundy Thursday service. Our church has a CCLI license and would like permission to use the YouTube video during our service. Do we have permission because of the license? This video sends such a message.

    • David Brackenbury Post author

      Hi Pam. Really pleased that you have come across the song and would like to use it. We are more than happy for this, and it would be great if you could include it in your CCLI return. It would be great to hers how it is received in your service.