Devoted to You

© 2017 David Brackenbury                                                        CCLI Number: 7120313

Story behind the song

One year, as part of the 40 Days initiative across Hull, we encouraged members and regular attenders at Bodmin Road Church to think about some of the ways in which they spent their time and consider whether there were any things that they could ‘give up’ over Lent that would free up time and attention to focus more on God.

We filmed people at the start of the Lent period saying what they were planning to give up, and what they hoped that this would give them a chance to focus on – and again, filmed them at the end to see how they had got on, and any things that they had learned from the experience.

It was a really powerful time where people found that spending time in an intentional way, choosing to free yourself of distractions that become so easy to get caught up in – God spoke! There were loads of stories that came out of that time that were birthed in people choosing to give something up, for something better.

This song came out of that time.  A recognition that we fill our time and attention with so many things that only serve to distract us from what matters.

“Lord I give you my life, have everything

Holding nothing back, not anything

From all distractions, set me free

‘Cos I want to be

Devoted to You”


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