Officially speaking, we are an Independent Evangelical Church, but that’s a bit of a mouthful! So lets try and explain.

The word “independent” simply means that we are governed by our own local congregation and not by any external body.¬† Our Pastor and Leadership Team are elected by our congregation. Although independent, we are still a mainstream Christian church with the same Christian faith as other churches, and we have strong¬†links with the other churches and denominations in Hull.

The word “evangelical” basically means that we try and stick to the message of Jesus as it is found in the Bible. There are around 2 million evangelical Christians in the UK and thousands of churches that are evangelical even if they don’t all use that word in their name, so it’s not something unusual or strange. The word literally just means “good news”, which is what the message of Jesus is!

In summary, our government is local and independent, but our doctrines are mainstream Christian, and our relationships with other churches are strong.

But the most important thing to know, beyond any labels, is that we try and keep it all very down-to earth, so that everyone can feel at home. No smug in-crowds, no weird stuff, just an easy and friendly place to connect with God.