Our Sunday service starts at 10.30.  When you arrive, there’s usually someone at the door to say “Hello” and point you in the right direction. The service lasts about an hour and a quarter. Our aim is make everything as user-friendly and jargon-free as we can, so that everyone can get something out of it.

There are usually about 60 people there, of all different ages and backgrounds – some of whom are fairly new to church themselves.  Everybody starts off in the main hall together and the kids go out to their groups after about 15 minutes.

The service includes some singing, a talk for the children, a Bible reading and a talk for the adults. You won’t be expected to do anything or say anything – just sit back and relax. We use keyboard and guitar so our worship music has a modern feel to it.  All the song words are projected on the wall, so there are no service books or hymn books to worry about.

We do take an offering by passing a bag round during one of the songs. However, there is no pressure on anyone to give, especially not on visitors.  If you didn’t come prepared, just pass the bag along to the next person.