New to Church?


This section is for anyone who maybe wouldn’t call themselves “religious” or a regular church-goer, but would like to find out more. Perhaps you are just curious, or maybe thinking of coming but need some answers first. That’s fine. We’re here to help people discover that it’s possible to find God without becoming “religious” in the way that most people imagine that word.

Coming to church can maybe feel a little daunting if it’s not your usual thing. We understand that, and we aim to be a place where visitors or new people will feel at ease and at home. Actually, church doesn’t get much more down-to-earth than it is here, even on a Sunday. Hopefully, the pages in this section will help you find the answers you’re looking for.

The bottom line is that Jesus offers a new start and meaning to life. He gives us forgiveness, and freedom to live differently. He brings belonging and direction to a world where we can often feel lost and isolated. Church is simply here to help people discover that message for themselves. There is no hard sell here at Bodmin Road! On the  journey of discovering faith it’s important that you can be yourself and ask your questions. God loves you, and we really just want to help you discover that for yourself, at your own speed.