If you’re reading this section, chances are you’re not a church-goer. Churches are cold, out-of-touch and boring aren’t they? Even if you did think of coming, the unknown can be off-putting. Who will be there? What will happen when I go in? What if I embarrass myself? What if they all stare at me?

Chances are you’d say you’re not religious. Religious people are old-fashioned and often judgmental, aren’t they? They don’t drink beer, don’t follow rugby or football, don’t ever shop at Primark, and prefer Songs-of-Praise to X-Factor! And that’s probably not you is it? Neither would you want to become like that! Another reason not to come to church!!

But chances are you do have a spiritual side. Chances are you do believe there’s something out there. Chances are you’d be moved by beautiful scenery or by the birth of a child. Chances are things like hope, purpose and life’s meaning do matter to you.

So what if there’s a church that can help you work out the meaning of life without ramming the Bible down your throat or expecting you to act “religious”? A modern church with normal (we hope!) people you can relate to? A church that isn’t freezing or boring or judgmental? A church that’s putting the ancient and unchanged message of Jesus into today’s language for today’s people? That’s our goal.

And yes, of course there are hypocrites in church! But there are hooligans at football matches too, but that doesn’t mean the football is bad! We simply hope you’ll come and see. At Bodmin Road Church you’ll find 60-70 local people of all ages, a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly welcome. But we won’t be in your face!

We hope to see you soon!