We were created to be in relationship with God, and there is a God-shaped hole in each of us that only He can fill. However, most of the time we go it alone. God is trying to get our attention. He is appealing to us: “don’t leave me out of your life”.

Jesus came, God in human flesh, to re-connect us to himself. He came to help us find our way home and to restore that relationship. He died on the cross to take our sins away, so that we can have a new, clean start, really experience God’s love in our lives now, and go to heaven when we die.

We all need the forgiveness and freedom Jesus offers. As a church we are passionate to communicate that message in plain English. We are happy to sit down one-to-one and answer your questions. If that would help – please just get in touch. We also run the Alpha course, which is an informal course aimed at anyone who wants to find out more about the Christian message.

You may just want to read some stuff without having to speak with anyone. That’s fine.  We can post you a helpful booklet free of charge if you email us and ask. And if you walk into our Cafe midweek or our services on a Sunday, there will always be someone available to talk.