community grant

We understand that this question comes up. And we’d like to try and answer it as honestly as we can.

We are NOT asking you to fund religion in any way whatsoever. We are a church that wants to make a positive difference in its community. Our goal is to see people helped and developed, not to make people “religious”.

Our faith in Jesus Christ informs and inspires what we do; naturally. Jesus told his disciples to feed the hungry, heal the sick and clothe the naked, and his compassion is our model and inspiration. But we do what we do with no strings attached and without prejudice or judgement. Actually, most of the people we help never come near church on a Sunday. The fact that they do keep returning midweek is probably a good indication that they don’t feel pressured or judged when they come.

The other important thing to say is that our Community Programme finances are managed separately to our normal church finances. Your support will enable us to better serve the local community – it won’t buy hymn books!