New Wine Discipleship Year

New Wine Discipleship Year

We have teamed up with New Wine and with St Michael-le-Belfry in York and we are delighted to be able to offer New Wine DY internship placements here at Bodmin Road Church.

All interns on the New Wine Discipleship Year scheme are attached to a “Hub” church, which for our interns will be St Michael’s in York. The Hub church provides support, teaching and training on 1 day each week, and connection with other interns.

As a “satellite” church to the Hub, we can provide interns with placement opportunities in a wide range of ministry areas including children’s work, church planting, outreach and evangelism, worship, and community-based social action. We will try and match your placement opportunities to the areas in which you are most interested in gaining experience.

Most New Wine interns are self-financing, but we can provide accommodation here in Hull, or help with travel costs if an intern prefers to live in York and travel each day to us.

You can apply through the New Wine website here.

Or you can apply through the DY page on St Mike’s website here:

St Mikes DY Year

Just make sure you tell them that you would like your placement to be with us.

If you want to contact us directly first to have a chat or to arrange a visit then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Iain Drysdale on 07732 809361 or email