Bible Extra Extra


Bible Extra Extra at Bodmin Road Church is a bolt-on to the long-running Bible Extra programme which has been running for over 20 years and usually happens bi-annually (May and October) in two sets of four Monday evenings at All Saints Church in Bishop Burton. Bible Extra provides in-depth Bible teaching from a range of different speakers and is enjoyed by people from across Hull and the East Riding.

Bible Extra Extra happens once a month on a Sunday evening at Bodmin Road Church. It aims to bring in-depth Christian teaching on a range of topics and is planned and delivered by Richard Bentley, pastor here at Bodmin Road. The event shares the Bible Extra name and brand as a result of a partnership between Bodmin Road and the Bible Extra Committee. Working together, our hope is to bring good Bible teaching to as wide an audience as possible. There are usually about 40-50 people present for our Sunday evening sessions, which consist of two 45-minute seminars separated by a coffee break and rounded off with a hymn. People come from many different churches across the area.

More information about the approach and the dates for the year ahead can be found on the programme leaflet which is downloadable under this tab.