Our Minister, Richard Bentley, is point leader for the whole organisation. Richard also acts as manager for the Community Programme Staff Team.

We are passionate about sharing leadership here at Bodmin Road, and we have a broad team of leaders who meet fortnightly to oversee all aspects of church life – spiritual, practical and financial. Team leadership provides a healthy balance of skills, experience and wisdom. Leaders are elected by and accountable to the church members and act simultaneously as charity trustees, (unless Charity Commission employment rules forbid them to do so).

Ultimately, however, we are governed, bottom up, by our members. All major decisions are brought to our church members’ meetings which happen three times a year. We see church as a family of people in which vision and leadership are vital but must always be balanced by ownership, participation and accountability. We like to think we’ve got the balance about right.

Current leadership team members are as follows:

Richard Bentley

David Brackenbury

Natalie Brackenbury

Iain Drysdale

Tim Monaghan

Tony Stafford

A brief biography and photo of all leaders can be found on the Who’s who? page.

You can email the leadership team by clicking here: Email Leadership Team.