Bodmin Road Church opened on this site in November 1968, built as the first streets of Bransholme itself were being built.  It was funded and built by a group of people from Lee Smith Street Gospel Mission, a church which had to be demolished with the clearance of old housing along Hedon Road.  The Lee Smith Street premises had suffered bomb damage and had never been properly restored after the war. A government war damages grant was thus available and helped to provide the initial capital for the building on Bransholme. The move to Bransholme was primarily the vision of a young couple, Mike and Irene Morfin, who remained in faithful lay leadership of the church for the next 40 years.

The church has had numerous pastors over the years, and the current minister, Richard Bentley, arrived in 1995.  Over the subsequent 22 years a broad programme of community services and activities have been developed. The building itself has also undergone various extensions over the years and is now much larger than when it was originally built.  The church was flooded in June 2007 and underwent major refurbishment as a result, which saw the building closed for 11 months. We re-opened in May 2008 with new facilities and a new programme.  Bodmin Road Church now offers a Community Café (The Olive Branch) and Softplay facilities (The Ark) within the building.