DY at Bodmin Road

Who wants to cross the Atlantic in the QE2 when you can do it in a rowing boat!? Bodmin Road Church is a small independent church rowing against the wind on one of the country’s largest and most deprived council estates. Ministry doesn’t get much more down-to-earth or cutting edge than it does here.

Church attendance here is 1 twentieth the national average, and the national average isn’t good! That’s why we need YOU!

Fifty percent of ALL UK Christians under the age of thirty live inside the M25! And that’s why we need you HERE!

Bodmin Road Church employs 8 staff delivering cutting edge ministries which target some of the most vulnerable and needy people in the UK. In 2015 we bought an old pub in order to plant church in an adjacent part of our estate. It’s an exciting journey here and if you choose to join us for a year there will be wide range of opportunities to get stuck in.

Please get in touch and find out more.